Virtual CD Production Overview

Download the Templates and Instructions below:

Virtual CD Photoshop Template
Virtual CD Template Instructions (PDF)

Most artists to date have been interested in using Virtual CDs to compliment their other marketing and promotional efforts and to help reduce expenditures associated with physical media product manufacturing, promotion, distribution and mailing costs. 

Our team is ready and waiting to produce your Virtual CDs.  You can provide us with the digital assets (such as Photos, MP3s, Bio, any existing Album Artwork, etc.)  and we’ll create the entire Virtual CD for you as a turnkey solution hosted on our servers.  Once complete, we can provide you with the code you need to frame the Virtual CD into your own site and use it with your marketing materials.


Our standard Virtual CDs are up to 8 pages including P1 as the Front Cover and P8 as the Back Cover.  After you log in to the control panel, you will need to upload 8 images that will become the 8 pages of your Virtual CD. JPEGs are the preferred format for submitting finalized artwork.  Pages should all be designed to be 375 pixels wide by 345 pixel high.  If you would like us to design and produce your Virtual CD for you, please contact us.

Virtual CD Design Instructions

If you are designing your Virtual CD yourself, please keep in mind that we will layer certain components in over your design.  For example, keep an eye out for the Audio Player on P2, the Viral Marketing Tabs on the bottom of P3 and P5, and some Legal language (including Patent and Copyright info) and Contact Info on the back page (P8).

Recommended Page Layout

• P1 -  Front Cover of the Virtual CD
• P2 -  Audio Player
• P3 -  Track Listing
• P4 -  Image / Bio Summary
• P5 -  Image / Bio Summary
• P6 -  Image / Lyric Snippet
• P7 -  Image / Video Page
• P8 -  Back Cover of the Virtual CD

Your Virtual CD may contain the following:

• Up to 10 Audio Tracks
• 8 Pages of Album Artwork
• 1 Video
• Bio
• Lyrics
• Links to other relevant sites
(i.e. your own web site, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, MySpace, press releases, etc.)

Things to keep in mind:

1.      Arrows (with Previous and Next) in corners of each page
2.      Front Cover Plastic Border which will overlay the edges of your design
3.      Audio Player on P2 – remember to turn off the button layers in the Photoshop file before you upload flattened JPEGs, as these buttons will be included dynamically via our platform. 
4.      Track Listing on P3 must remain in a fixed vertical and horizontal position to maintain the Click To Stream functionality
5.      Buy Music button at top of P3
6.      More Info button at top of P5
7.      Viral Marketing Tabs (Embed, Share, Register) at the bottom of P3 and P5.  Remember to turn off this layer in the Photoshop file before you upload flattened JPEGs, as it will be included dynamically via our platform. 
8.      Video Player on P7 – remember that the video player will appear on top of your image.
9.  Our Legal Language and Contact info on the back of P8 (back cover)

If you haven’t already seen them on our Home Page, check out some Virtual CDs in action at the links below (and remember to click the arrows in the corners to turn pages).

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