What is a Virtual CD?
The Virtual CD is an emerging standard in online music and new media promotion.  The Virtual-CD is a digital representation of a physical CD (including artwork, jewel case and liner notes).  The Flash application is based on a Virtual-CD / DVD concept, in which consumers are able to listen to music, view photos and video, turn pages, read about featured artists/songs, and download tracks, all within a self contained unit.  Consumers can share music with friends via the Send-To-Friend feature and other viral marketing tools enabling a buzz-generating and community building effect.

How does it work?
After registering and creating an account at TheVirtualCD.com, you can create your Virtual CD with just a few easy steps.  Just gather the photos/images, music, text and video that you would like to include in your Virtual CD.  Then, just download our Photoshop template to create your Virtual CD artwork to our specifications.  If you don’t have access to a designer, we will design it for you.  Does it get any easier?

How do I sign up?
Just click register at the top of the page and enter some basic information, including an active email address to get started.  We will then send you a link with additional information.

How long will it take for my account to be activated?
Your account will be activated immediately after you confirm your email address by clicking the link provided in our welcome email.

What do I need to create a Virtual CD? 
Your Virtual CD may contain the following:

  • Up to 10 Audio Tracks
  • 8 Pages of Album Artwork
  • 1 Video
  • Bio
  • Lyrics
  • Album Credits and more
  • Links to other relevant sites (i.e. your own web site, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, MySpace, press releases, etc.)

Can you help me with my design?
Yes, we provide an easy to use template for download to create your Virtual CD pages.  If you need help, we can design it for you.

Can I include my lyrics, bio, liner notes, and album credits in my Virtual CD?
Yes, our goal is to bring back the missing images and content lost with basic mp3s.  You will be able to include all of the information typically included with a physical album.  Plus, you receive it in a fraction of the time compared to physical CDs, and can distribute as many as you want without being limited by the number of physical CDs printed.

How long does it take to create my Virtual CD? 
Your new Virtual CD will be created in a fraction of the time compared to other physical media.  Depending on the amount of custom artwork, we can have you up and running in under a week!

How will people find my Virtual CD?
You will be able to point people directly to an easy to remember link, like “www.thevirtualcd.com/artistname”.  Also, your Virtual CD will be searchable in our database by artist name, genre, location and more.

Can I add my Virtual CD to my own web site?
Yes, you may add your Virtual CD to your current website by using a simple iFrame.  Your Virtual CD will also contain embed code that allows others to easily add your Virtual CD to their site, spread the word, and share the music.  Additionally, we provide an easy way for your Virtual CD to be shared on multiple social networks, including MySpace and Facebook.

Can I post my Virtual CD on social networks?
Yes, you can use all of the links included on the “Add to Social Web” button contained in the Virtual CD.  Also your Virtual CD can be embedded using the included iFrame and MySpace embed code.

I already have a website, social network profiles, and physical CDs, why do I need a Virtual CD?
The Virtual CD is a great tool to add to the arsenal of any aspiring or established artist.  Virtual CDs compliment all of the above promotional tools and can easily stand alone as a self contained package.  Compared to other more traditional forms of physical media, the Virtual CD is much more cost effective with an unlimited reach and also has the ability to be updated instantly vs. more permanent printed media.  Imagine updating your Virtual CD as frequently as a new song, mix, video, or tour date becomes available.

Can I create a fan email list for my Virtual CD?

Yes, fans will be able to register within the Virtual CD for updates from you.  You will be able to edit, invite, and manage communication with fans all from within the Virtual CD control panel.

Will I be able to track how many times my Virtual CD is viewed?
Our control panel includes extensive tracking and reporting for all aspects of your Virtual CD.  You will be able to see  the number of views and downloads for audio, video and images in your Virtual CD by day, week, month or year.  Imagine logging in and viewing statistics after a performance, handing out download cards, sending a mass email, or networking at various industry events and determining how much buzz your getting and how many people are interacting with your Virtual CD.

Is this service right for my budget?
We have payment options to fit just about every budget.  We go out of our way to help you create the highest quality product at the lowest cost.  We want your Virtual CD to reflect the same level of perfection that goes into your music and won’t let you settle for less!

Who can see my Virtual CD? Is special software required?
The Virtual CD can be viewed by nearly every person with a computer.  Using the widely available Flash plug-in, which is included with all common web browsers, most users will be able to access your Virtual CD immediately.  If not, a FREE and simple Flash plug-in is available for download at www.adobe.com

How do you protect my music or video?
We do not include a separate digital rights management (DRM) solution with the Virtual CD.  In fact such solutions have proven to be both cumbersome and ineffective. We do however offer streaming audio and video.  You can decide if you would like to make certain media downloadable with the click of a button in the control panel. A word of caution: As is the case with the most extreme levels of protection, if someone wants to steal, they will find a way.  Though what goes around typically comes around.

Can I make downloads available for free or for sale?
Yes, you may make downloads available in our easy-to-use control panel or by including links to purchase at sites such as Amazon or iTunes.

Can I update my Virtual CD with new images, audio, and video?
Yes, your Virtual CD may be updated instantly by just logging in to your control panel and publishing new updates.  You may make changes as frequently as needed unlike more permanent physical media.

How many Virtual CDs can I create?
You may create one Virtual CD per artist account.  However, you may make an unlimited amount of updates to each Virtual CD.  We do have multiple artist accounts available for labels and artists with large discographies.  Just contact us for more details.

How will I be billed?

You may choose to pay for your Virtual CD with check, money order or credit card.  Monthly payment plans are available.

Do you help me to promote my Virtual CD?

We actively market TheVirtualCD.com online and offline.  We do separately provide promotional consulting services.  Just contact us for more details.

Can record labels see my Virtual CD?
Yes, record label executives and other industry insiders regularly visit TheVirtualCD.com.   In addition to providing our homepage spotlight and searchable database, we network with industry professionals at offline events to get your music heard.

Can you get my music played on the radio?
We have many strategic partnerships with companies that offer radio promotion.  Contact us for more information on the right partner for you.

Do I get to create a profile to interact with other people that like my style of music?
Yes, your Virtual CD comes with a profile that will allow you to share your music within our community and interact with others that have similar tastes.

Do you offer Virtual DVDs?
Yes, we do offer a Virtual DVD product that has many similarities to the Virtual CD.  Is most of your work video based? If so, contact us about a custom Virtual DVD.

Can I create Physical CDs and printable artwork from my Virtual CD?
Yes, if you have high resolution artwork our designers will be able to assist you preparing it according to the specifications of CD manufacturers. You will even be able to provide a link to high quality artwork for download  and printing by your fans!