The Virtual CD is a privately held music and entertainment media company.  We founded the company with the purpose of empowering artists to release their own CDs and DVDs online.  Through our turnkey publishing platform, we are providing a new set of tools and related services to help build successful careers. 

Our mission is to offer a professional, eco-friendly alternative for artists to release, promote and distribute their albums online.  Most existing online tools neglect “the album” and create a weak online presence for artists to showcase their work.  Our patented Virtual CD is an emerging standard in music and entertainment promotion.  As a new digital format, it allows artists, labels, filmmakers, publishers, and brands to instantly show their albums to the world, while reducing manufacturing, promotional, and mailing costs associated with physical products. 

As one of the most engaging turnkey music solutions, Virtual CDs are quickly becoming a vital piece of the marketing mix for anyone offering music to their fans.  Virtual CDs are putting a face to the music by bridging the gap between a person’s record collection and their MP3 files. 

Sharing Virtual CDs with friends helps generate buzz, foster community, and ultimately drive traffic and sales, all using professionally designed, eco-friendly digital packaging.  Our powerful publishing platform can include any of the following:


• Album Artwork • Liner Notes / Production Credits • Links to Tour Dates and E-commerce Opportunities
• Professional Design from our staff • Streaming Music • Promotional Tools
• Instant Publication of your Album (once approved) • MP3 Downloads • Email List Building
• Access to update your Artwork and Tracklisting • Video • Fan Management
• Green / Eco-friendly online promotion and distribution • Bios • Access to our growing community
• Page Turning • Lyrics  

Our team is ready and waiting to produce your Virtual CD.  You can upload digital assets (Photos, MP3s, Bio, any existing Album Artwork, etc.)  and we’ll create your Virtual CD for you as a turnkey solution hosted on our servers.  Once complete, we can provide you with the code you need to frame the Virtual CD into your own site and use it with your marketing materials.

Some artists are using Virtual CDs as a standalone web site, and others are using Virtual CDs to compliment related marketing and promotional efforts.  Record labels are using our platform to re-release older albums, and revitalize back-catalogs, as well as tease new releases.  Best of all, Virtual CDs can be updated periodically with your new artwork, songs, and info as you continue to move your career forward and produce new material.